Episode 8: Control vs. Influence

Patrick and Julie talk about NBC’s and IOC’s mishandled Olympic coverage (See: #NBCfail) by trying to control the content through content delays, Social Media restrictions and gag-orders on the athletes.

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Our conversations tend to have a lot of tangents. Here are the ones from this show:

Neil deGrasse Tyson
deGrasse Tyson – Bill Maher
Olympic No Tweeting Allowed
Olympic Condoms
NBC Channels
Tweet about NBC email
NBC Olympic Rights
NBC Olympic Coverage Disaster
Smartphones: The New Cigarette
Michael Phelps
Project Glass
Project Glass Video
Nexus 7
The Daily Show: Spoiler Alert
Olympians in Trouble for Tweeting
Network Neutrality
Google Fiber
Google Fiber Pricing
Windows 8
Shaq PhD
Rower Bronze Photo (He is Happy)
Olympic Game Locations (Bottom of Page)
Bob Costas
Matthew Perry – Go On
Shawn Johnson
Breaking Bad
Mad Men
The Walking Dead

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